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Wired Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Monitoring Packages

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We offer products and services to help you make your property more comfortable and safer while decreasing overall operating and maintenance costs. Tools for remote property managers to both monitor and control operations within a property from anywhere. Internet based devices and services to help improve property management and sense of security.

Wireless Monitoring

Wireless Sensors & Controls

Monitor temperature, humidity, motion, open / close, HVAC equipment performance and much more with our 900 MHZ, wireless sensors and devices. Track historical information, receive text and email alerts when something is not right!

No wiring required! Battery operated with a range of almost 1,200 feet, it does not get easier or more cost effective than our product line of more than 50 different sensor and control devices.

No Internet? No Problem! We offer both standard Internet gateways that simply plug into your router or cellular gateways when no Internet is available.

 Gateways, Sensors and Controls

Remote control and automation

Thermostats, relays and more


Network thermostats offer a great way to improve comfort, reduce energy use and monitor for system malfunctions. Access your thermostat settings and operating conditions from almost anywhere on your PC or Smart Device. Great for property owners and managers, especially those in remote locations, rented properties and property managers.

Wireless Relays

Wireless relays offer the ability to control electrically powered devices and motors both on-site or remotely from anywhere. Relays can be triggered on and off manually or automatically as a reaction to other sensors or time. And all active or inactive time can be logged for complete historical reports.

Wired Sensors & Safety Devices

Most all thermostats on the market today offer auxiliary connections for wired remote sensors. We offer several versions of sensors that can be used for additional room temperatures, outdoor air temperatures or air and water temperature for checking operations of HVAC systems.

Many thermostats also provide for auxiliary contact closure or relays allowing automatic process for safety, motion detection and control of auxiliary equipment.

Our wired sensors can be used with many of the products we offer as well as most all other controllers and energy management systems. We offer a wired variety of sensors for different application. 

Smart Oil Gauge

The Smart Oil Gauge™ is the first connected home device of its kind that allows you to remotely monitor your home heating oil tank.


The Smart Oil Gauge uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure the level of oil in the tank throughout the day, and transmits this information over your home’s Wi-Fi network. Check your tank level from any smartphone, tablet or PC – anywhere in the world.


When the tank is low, the device will send text and e-mail alerts indicating that it’s time to order oil.

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